How to upload images into Wordpress

(ie, the PRACE website)

Part of the learning curve for editing web pages is learning to work with images:
  • optimise for the web (crop, resize, save with lower quality and file size)
  • upload into the web space,
  • insert into your post or page,
  • change the alignment, to wrap text around the image.

(You can find help for optimising images with XNview over there on michael's wikispace.)

On this page, michael chalk has made a small screencast showing how to upload an image into a post or page in the PRACE website (powered by wordpress).

.. and michael is not the only person to make such a video.. here's one from wpscreencasts on the same topic:

On a related issue, someone else made a screencast of how to upload PDF files into the wordpress environment. The only note i would add to this process is this:
  1. when you have posted your PDF file and
  2. made a link in the post,
  3. it's nice for people visiting to know what they're clicking, so
  4. add eg (PDF, 200kb) in brackets after the file link.