ideas for the PRACE annual newsletter

merrilands_community_centre_thumb_.jpgWhat's happened in the past year that people should know about?

Deadline: asap, or 18th November.

Sooner is even better. Would be great to have this out in time for the final week of term or even earlier.

You may add suggestions to this list below. Anyone can edit this page directly to add your ideas. Please join in (look for the "Edit this page" button at the top of the page).

Student writing, eg

  • excursions, guest speakers, annual student camp
  • any work done during the year you'd like to feature?

PRACE news - what else has happened this year?

  • new canteen and training room opens
  • Hospitality: sliding doors updates
  • official opening for Reservoir Neighbourhood House
  • students go on camp and survive
  • Finalist ACE Provider of the Year
  • Winner ACE Practitioner of the Year Pam Hullin
  • Youth and the Community - Childrens garden at the house and Riding for the disabled

How to get your copy in the newsletter

You could email articles to michael chalk direct (ace at, or copy/save to the Teacher drive (T drive) at Merrilands Community Centre => T:\TeachingResources\Newsletter(PRACE)\new- nov09 (before 18 November).

What's especially good?

Anything with photos particularly special. Would really like as much copy as we can get. Preferably written up in something like word or Publisher.
  • Currently searching for suggestions, news and articles for the annual newsletter. (ie work students have already done.. or a quick paragraph about an event you attended
  • Looking for volunteers: write short articles about anything that happened in PRACE this year - just a paragraph or 2 is fine, especially with a photo.