In 2007 the ACFE board funded a series of projects across Victoria, to explore a clever use of information and communicative technologies (ICT). PRACE was funded to investigate whether ICT could help to engage VCAL learners in an adult learning environment. This site gives an explanation of the project. You can find out about other AccessACE projects back at the main AccessACE wiki .

Preston Reservoir ACE

Projects such as this -whilst they are small amounts they are fantastic to offer PD to staff around a particular issue / learner need. It ensures commitment and also means that ICT and the blended learning models continue to stay on our agenda.
Maggie Clarke, Manager PRACE

It is great that the Board is starting to realise the potential effectiveness of using other kinds of communication and teaching technologies. The idea of giving people money to trial something is great to support what is already happening, it gives providers opportunity to branch out.Often passionate individuals are doing things but if it is not supported and connected in, so the knowledge stays with that person / organisation. Michael Chalk, e-learning coordinator, PRACE

Blended learning @ PRACE

The team at PRACE were presented with a range of challenges in working with their VCAL Youth students, who are mostly disengaged young adults, although for one of the groups we are aiming for a wider age range.
Their particular challenges with this learner group were:
  • Finding ways to manage the multiple-level aspect of classes.
  • Trialling a team-teaching approach to enable a wider range of options for learners.
  • Finding ways to engage the learners within an adult learning environment.

This group of students tended to enjoy working with technology, especially for communicative purposes. They hoped to increase flexibility for existing learners, and so create a greater likelihood of meeting individual needs. They hoped this project would give the organisation an opportunity to trial some software, as well as to find out more about the potential of a moodle-based intranet. What did they do? How did it go? Click here for more information...

Clever Use - a vision

At PRACE a clever use of ICT is integration of ICTs across the curriculum as and when it is appropriate and useful. It is about teachers feeling that it is just another tool for learning. How are they achieving this? What are their challenges? What are the key elements of their success? Read more for full details.

Capacity and Reach

PRACE has a strong commitment to the continued use of ICTs. They strive to develop dynamic, responsive and innovative educational programs, as well as teaching and learning experiences. E-learning is very much seen as part of learning. They do not stress technology as separate. It is part and parcel ofgoals to design and deliver responsive, innovative programs. Read more for full details.

Community Portrait

PRACE have networks locally and regionally as well as strong networks nationally and internationally. The advantage of having access to the global networks are in broadening their understanding of the issues around design and delivery of e-learning. How are they using these links? What is the community doing? Read more for full details.