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Where are we at?

The staff at PRACE were asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project. Below is a visual representation of the perspectives document. This shows where PRACE placed themselves on the continuum at the conclusion of the project.(For more information about the research perspectives, visit

ICT in the community

Computer ownership in the community is quite low. The neighbourhood renewal project is bringing a lot expertise into the organisation, particularly current data around access and skill levels through local precinct profiles.There is a high level of unemployment in the area.
Most PRACE students are mature aged learners wanting to return to work looking for more flexible study arrangements with F2F and online as an option.

Community reach and readinesscomputer.jpg

PRACE operates at both ends of the spectrum – they have networks locally and regionally as well as have strong networks nationally and internationally. The advantage of having access to the global networks are in broadening their understanding of the issues around design and deliveryof e-learning. They are aware that they may not have exploited these fully in terms of delivering blended learning.

Broader community: in general the community seems readier, more open to blended learning ideas than in past years. Projects like digital storytelling (DST) and digital photography have been very popular.

Links with neighbourhood renewal
The community and the students have participated in DST projects with neighborhood renewal –with one of the outcomes being an exhibition on Federation Square. PRACE is now offering more training around using technology, and working closely with neighborhood renewal staff. There is a close working relation ship between PRACE and the project, and both can see the potential.The staff from the project are very supportive and interested in the training that PRACE can offer.


Preston Reservoir ACE

Student and Teacher of the Year

JoshGibbinsAndDebVallely.jpgOnce again, PRACE featured strongly at the statewide ACFE annual awards.
Huge congratulations to Josh Gibbins from the VCAL program (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) who received the award for best student, and Deb Vallely who received the award for best tutor.
(In 2004, we were awarded the Best Provider in Victoria.)

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