Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

Clever use of ICT at PRACE

Upon completion of their project, the team was asked to share their vision of a clever use of ICT at their centre.
A clever use of ICTs for/in our organisation will mean that we will be even better resourced to support teachers more strongly, for example an induction kit for teachers and learners for flexible learning, to be introduced in '08.
A clever use of ICTs for/in our organisation could mean:
  • continuing to integrate technology in a blended way into a range of different curricula,
  • provide technology and connected communications in an easily understood, everyday way,
  • making sure gadgets are available as required (projector, camera, mp3 players etc)
  • extending our reach through increasing the online communication capacity of blended courses,
  • Perhaps expanding into fee-for-service, supporting local organisations and networks.

Clever use - what could it look like?

A clever use is integration of ICTs across the curriculum as and when it is appropriate and useful. It is about teachers feeling that it is just another tool for learning when it is useful. We could improve the way we do things, for example expand the sense of access across the local region to network more strongly with the library and proejcts like Neightrbourthood Renewal. In the main there is a good understanding amongst staff and students about technology and how it is or can be integrated across the curriculum. PRACE is considering developing a booklet of practical suggestions around what is possible and how to do it. PRACE are resourcing ICTs and maintain a healthy budget to make sure that it continues to be well resourced .

Key elementsyouth-amep-at-Merrilands.jpg

  • Good and solid infrastructure - having the equipment - i.e. bandwidth.
  • Well thought-out resourcing and plans to back it up
  • Interest from teachers and students
  • Support from management
  • E-learning champion. Need the expertise, passion and focus
  • IT Support for staff
  • Full support of the committee but some flexibility as to how the resources are prioritised.
  • Teachers who show interest and strength in the area.


  • PRACE needs wireless internet access across the organisation. There is strong support form management, but there are potential security issues.
  • PRACE is also currently renovating the staffroom to increase the number of computers available to teachers.
  • Teachers need more computers and a larger space.
  • Intranet: this has been designed to build in additional support and networking within the organisation. The challenge is introducing and managing the change.
  • Without an e-learning champion within the organisation, it would be much more difficult to give e-learning the profile it currently has in the organisation. Funding the position on an ongoing basis is a challenge.